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NYC Fringe Festival 2012
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Sunday in the park with Sheherizade!




Opening night

Wednesday 8/15 @ 3:45pm

Thursday 8/16 @6:30pm

Saturday 8/18 @8:00pm

Sunday 8/19 @ 5:15pm

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 After discovering the infidelity of his wife, the King of Sheherizade’s land turns vicious. In order to quench his desire for revenge on women, the King begins taking a new bride every evening whom he has killed the morning after their wedding night. This soon becomes a plague on the daughters of the land, worsening until the Vizier to the king is left with hardly any maidens to bring his King. Against the Vizier's wishes, Sheherizade, his own daughter, volunteers herself to marry the King, saying that she must deliver the people or die with them. Once alone with the king, Sheherizade begs to have her sister Duniazade brought to be with her on last night alive. Then when the time is right, Duniazade asks Sheherizade to tell one of her stories. Sheherizade is allowed by the King to tell a story but half way through is too tiered to finish. Burning to know the ending, the King decides to let her live another day, so he may hear how the story ends. But the next evening, when Sheherizade has finished her tale and all three of them lay awake in rush of its completion, Dunizade askes again, if Sheherizade could tell a story. This goes on until the thousand and first night, when the Kings heart is truly healed.